Writer’s Inspiration: Jean Hannah Edelstein on Marginally

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward was high school for you? I’m not sure the word “awkward” begins to describe it for me. It’s not something I’d like to relive.

So, when I heard Jean Hannah Edelstein compare writers on Twitter to being back in high school, it made me cringe. I totally got it.

“I think Twitter is that place where there’s a lot of interesting conversations but also a lot of pretense. Folks just don’t want to admit the truth. It’s sort of like high school. There’s this perception amongst writers that acknowledging that you’re doing anything but pursuing art in a very pure way undermines the quality of your work, which is just not true.”

Jean Hannah Edelstein

The moment I decided to start creative writing again, I jumped onto Twitter. I wanted to learn everything anyone was talking about regarding fiction, creativity, writing habits, sci-fi and fantasy, you name it. Of course, a lot of Twitter is just noise, but there’s a healthy writing community on there, with some good people and helpful advice.

And – surprise! – there are also lots of opinions on Twitter about how to be a “real writer.” That includes… writing every day without fail, AKA:

This is genuinely difficult to do if you a) have a full time job outside of writing, b) have kids, or c) have anything else going on in your life other than a job, family, or writing.

So I was pretty happy when the Marginally Podcast asked Jean to talk about what it means to be a writer with other totally legit things going on.

“Too much celebration of people’s very rigid writing habits can make people feel like they shouldn’t be trying because they can only find 10 minutes in their day.”

Jean Hannah Edelstein


So, thank you, Jean Hannah Edelman, for bringing back my faith in being a writer while also having a job, mom-ing, and juggling what feels like a million other things at once. I wish I could give you a hug.

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